Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2009 Letter

Oi Pessoas!!!!!

Hey, everything is going great in the Brasil CTM! I love it here I´ve been here for about 2 weeks and I haven't died!!!! The food is great, it's all Brasilian! Guarana is flowing like wine or whatever the phrase is....

I have been to the São Paulo Temple 2 times now!!! It's really cool!!!!! I don't have much to actually do, I just go to class and then have gym time, where we play voleibol or baskete! It's so much fun! They do have a track but you know how I can´t run! I got a Rolnadinho soccer (futebol) jersey.

I love being a missionary, now we are learning a lot in Português! I can pray, testify, teach a simple first lesson and even make a few simple sentences! I don´t know all the verbs yet. I'm understanding most of it..... supposedly there will be monkeys in the trees where I´m going.

Today a guy stopped us and told us off for whatever reason, we couldn´t understand him!!!! I'm about 3 hours or so ahead of you!!!

The weather feels like a super hot day in Utah !!!! So it's not bad, it's just bad because I'm in Church clothes the whole time! It's almost like Bear Lake , so I'm used to it. Our rooms are like our tents and then I'm used to wearing 2 shirts anyway so it's not bad, only the tie.

I love it here, I'm so happy to do this! It's great in Brasil, I'm happy to be here!!! I love being a missionary, and Português is coming along great! I love how they say our name, Hisharsong..... they can't say it right.... the R has the H sound and Ch is different and it's like they ignore the D and the 'on' is hard they don´t close their mouths..... It's good though.

Send me letters!!!! Especially the girls!!! We are having a contest to see how many girls that aren't family can send you a letter in the CTM!! Help me out, I said I had at least 5 or 6 or so!! Please don't make me a liar! HAHAHAHA!!

Look for my address on Facebook!!!! and send them FAST or Rapido!!!! Rapido, Rapido, Rapido!!!

And one last thing!!!! Tara Rowley HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! I know it's a little late but this is when I could do it!!!!!!

Tchau Mundo!!!! Eu Amo Você todos!!!! (I think that's right.)

I love you all!!!

Elder Richardson!

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  1. Yummy Guarana!
    I love the way they say your name I had to say it over and over again laughing harder each time!
    I wonder if letters from girls 'not in your family' have to be single? Do married women count too?