Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How weird is this? Our tortoise, Lightning, disappeared a few months ago. Now we know where he went.

A churro with dulce de leche! Well, I don't know how it's spelled in Portuguese.

Well, Howdy do there, how are you all doing?

I’m doing great, this last week was crazy.... ok well I’ll tell you guys about it here then. One time My comp, Elder Duncan, tried to do a contact and I watched him do it and then the guy just didn’t say a word or even make a sound for that matter and like sidestepped Duncan, and then Duncan continued to call after him and he completely ignored us..... it was crazy.

Then we saw a super old and short cowboy dude that just stays at a bar all the time and he was completely frozen in the middle of the sidewalk!!!! He stayed there for like 5 minutes!!!!!!

We also met a guy that broke both his feet so he needs to crawl everywhere, but when we saw him we thought he didn’t have any legs..... it was creepy....


So ok here is a recap of our week here in Avelino Palma, Ribeirão Preto, Brasil

Monday (Segunda) - P-day, we played soccer and that was about it.
Tuesday (Terça) - Normal Work day
Wednesday (Quarta) - Normal work day, at night we had PIE NIGHT!!!!
Thursday (Quinta) - We did a Division, boring and we knocked on doors all freaking day, so super work day.
Friday (Sexta) - we went to another city called Jardinópolis, it sucked because the reason we went (some people) couldn’t talk to us and didn’t want to.
Saturday (Sábado) - Chill day, but normal
Sunday (Domingo) - Church, then Normal.

That was about it. We didn’t have a lot of Rice and Beans this last week. Oh yeah we met an albino black kid, his whole family is black, but he is white. it’s pretty funny. He is a total dork and tried to get in a bible bash with us. We think he is a super nerd and he does stay on the Internet all the time and so we are almost sure he plays Warcraft.

So yeah that’s about it, I got some pictures for you guys, I hope you enjoy!

I am Elder Richardson, Keymaster and comp of Elder Duncan. and I end mine epistle, amen

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  1. Lightning walked to Brazil, ha ha!
    Dulce de leche, yum!