Monday, February 28, 2011

The shirt that gets burned in honor of Hump Day!


Caraca, Guys this week was NUTS!!! I’m telling you man, I lost 3 days in my area, it was nuts but I still managed to get some good lessons and baptized someone. Starting this week our Presidente lowered our number of contacts we need to do in a week from 160 to 135 but then added 25 doors we need to knock on. I like that, I like knocking doors. It actually helps getting into people’s houses and people can’t lie about the address. You are standing right in front of their house!!!!

Anyway, this last Monday we played some futebol, but I think I already told you that, then on Tuesday we went to Ribeirão Preto, it was weird going back. My comp had a doctor’s appointment because his hair is falling out. I think it’s because of stress. Another missionary says he can’t accept that he has "Male Pattern Baldness." I like that idea.

Then Wednesday I went on a division with Elder Holmes (companion from MTC). That was fun, we talked about old times and went to another city called Ibaté. Then on Thursday finally I got to work normally. Then on Friday it was my comp’s birthday, so we just visited members to get food and cake and stuff, Passos (past companion) came over to do and interview that day too, so I got to hang out with Passos too, and then we all ate Cuzcuz, which was actually really good. We ate it with scrambled eggs. I actually loved it.

Then on Saturday we did another division, I did this one with Elder Bentley, who is from Chicago. He is way cool, and actually knows about SKA!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you know me, you’ll know how important that is to me!

Then on Sunday we baptized a girl by the name of Claudia Fabiana Medeiros Ramos da Silva. Huge name huh? Well she is a daughter of a recent convert and was now ready for baptism. She had already heard it all before and now she wanted to get baptized. She is 20 and has 2 kids and is unmarried. She is really quiet but from the little that I know her she was excited to get baptized. She told my comp last transfer that when she was ready she’d tell us, so she did. We’ve been working hard this week and it has been raining a lot.

Last night Passos and his comp Elder Botello came over and slept the night with us because they needed to wash their clothes because they don’t have a washing machine or something. and at almost 3 in the morning I was asleep and Passos from the other room called my cell phone (yes another thing I have for being senior, the phone) to tell me that we had a giant rat in our house. I thought we was just joking with me but then I saw his shadow on the wall looking for something, then he turned on the light and yelled, guys we have a giant rat in the house, look for it so it doesn’t eat you! Passos was awake washing his clothes and apparently saw a rat and then called me, and went on a rat hunt..... never found it, we guess that he bailed out of an open window probably where he came in from in the first place.

SO yeah that’s what happened this week, it was pretty good, it was very fast and it seemed as if I ran through it all but all in all it was good.

Let’s see how this week is. It’ll be good, I hope. I want to apologize now to everyone who I haven’t written back to recently, it’s because of the deficiency of letter writing and lack of money. So I’m sorry, I’ll try and do better, but it does help if you send me a letter first. Then it gives me some sort of motivation to write and I also know what to say....rsrsrsrsrs

I am Elder Richardson, senior, one of 10 missionaries in São Carlos - SP Brasil and I end mine epistle, amen

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