Monday, February 14, 2011

one of the avenida in Ribeirão Preto


Iolanda and us, baptism!

Me climbing

Me and Duncan


Me and Duncan

A Brasilian street

A new Book of Mormon and a 1963 version!

Statue of Jesus Cristo

‘Sup fools,

What do?

Throw it down.

Well, it’s transfer day, yet again, and yes I got transferred, I kinda knew that would happen..... Oh well, it was fun with Duncan while it lasted. Duncan stayed in Ribeirão, and I went off to São Carlos!

I’ve heard this city is good. I’ve only passed by here by bus. I’m now the senior, so what does that mean? Everything is now my fault and I have a lot of responsibility. But it’ll be good.

So anyway, My new comp is Elder Espínola, and he is in his 2nd Transfer, so I’m going to be helping him learn a lot. Elder Holmes, Passos and Malaquias are all here with me in São Carlos.

Ok so this last week was crazy being the last one of the transfer, and we worked but man it was hard. We went and saw a bunch of touristy things in the Center and took some pictures. I hope you like them.

Then we got a phone call that said that a girl could be baptized, she is living with her sister and she is from the south and her sister is a member but her parents aren’t, and her parents wouldn’t let her get baptized, then they did! SO we went to her house on Friday and taught her everything and got her interviewed and well she got baptized on Sunday. Her Name is Iolanda. She is 15 and has been going to church for like ever. I got to be the witness, that was something I’ve never done before.

Oh this last week I kicked a bird....into FLIGHT!!!!!! It was like dying or something so we kinda kicked at it and I kicked it into flight....

Ok I got a new one this week, some kids asked us if we were bus drivers... I’ve never heard that, I’ve heard police, CIA, FBI, Government guys but not bus drivers, only in the Rodoviaria.....
Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIN!!!!!!

and Happy Valentine’s day! ours isn’t until like July or June or something.....

anywho, here’s a quote!

Dad, Dad, Dad, we did something bad!

Did you wreck the car?
Did you raise the dead?
But the car’s ok?
Ok then.


Have fun, I love you all!

I am Elder Richardson, Senior, Missionary in São Carlos, Comp of Elder Espínola, Carrier of a Phone, and I end Mine Epistle, amen.

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