Monday, February 7, 2011

Ok well hi.

Ok I have some announcements to make!

1. Transfers are next week, so you guys may not hear from me next week.

2. We (missionaries) may go back to the 'Stone Age' meaning that if people are using Facebook, Orkut, or MSN then we will not be using Email anymore and we will just be writing letters like our parents and for some of us our brothers and sisters.

That’s about it.

Ok I wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!!!!!! and everyone else I know who’s birthday is in February. I don’t remember all of them and so I don’t want you guys to get mad at me.

Ok this last week on

Segunda - Went to the Mercadão in the center and got some cool stuff. I will send pictures and then we visited a guy that Elder Duncan ( yes my comp) baptized and he took us to a Rodízio de Pizza, yes that means all you can eat PIZZA!!!!! They even had Ice Cream Pizza! Betcha didn’t know that even existed!

Terça - District Meeting like normal, Normal work day.

Quarta - Conference

Quinta - Division

Sexta - Normal work day, but it sucked.

Sábado - Finally a good day, but nothing of real significance happened.

Domingo - Church and that was about it.

Ok my week was fairly uneventful, but I’ll tell you some stuff that I wrote down in my planner to tell you guys.

I ate bamboo at lunch, we saw a pig in the road, we ate raisin ice cream (yes with and old lady), I laughed so hard that Guaraná came out my nose. We always see random bird cages on the street and stuff, people like carry them around.... all the kids here can pop a wheelie on their bikes and ride down the street, some people do it on their motorcycles.

That’s about it, my week was good, but fairly uneventful, Conference was good, we got to see some friends and hear from our Presidente. That’s always good.

Well ok then, Transfers are next week for those of you that already forgot.

I hope you guys are having a good week.

I am Elder Richardson, and I end mine epistle, amen

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  1. Happy Birthday Sally!!
    Love the pictures and little bits on daily life, fun!